Handcrafted with Superfood ingredients, Lady Kombucha is made for friends, community & even our own kids, so we never take short cuts.

Handcrafted for your Health 

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


Your gut is the key to Your Health.

At Lady Kombucha we are convinced along with a growing number in the scientific community that a healthy gut is essential to your wellbeing and happiness.

Made in


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We deliver to your door with a Service Guarantee.

Lady Kombucha Care Program

Our recycling program is setup so each returned bottle contributes 2000 vnd to our ‘Lady Buddha Care fund’,
which donates to local charities.


The fact Lady Kombucha is so low in sugar yet still tastes awesome is why I even give to my kids to drink.
I have been to the Lady Kombucha Kitchen and have seen the care they put into their products. As a gut health expert, I recommend this to many of my clients.
Nguyen and Ben are super friendly and I love their business because they prioritize quality over profits. The Kombucha is also

Organically Certified Suppliers