4 fun fact about fermented food maybe you didnt know

Lactic Luxury

Crema d’or is the most expensive yogurt in the world, costing roughly $50 per jar. This milk and honey yogurt from Hokkaido, Japan, has a thick and creamy texture and is made from cows from a local dairy farm. Talk about eating locally! The yogurt is wrapped in a bow and presented in a fancy gift box. That is what we call luxury.

Sữa chua mắc nhất thế giới


Go Grape

Do you notice how simple it is to create wine? Take some grapes and mash them in a jar with some heat. A single wine grape might contain up to 50,000 natural yeast particles.

Làm rượu vang

Okay, so you probably didn’t produce a prize pinot noir, but you did make wine. The use of wild ferments in place of industrial yeasts is becoming more prevalent in the winemaking world. They frequently generate diverse taste profiles and sensations.


You can wear kombucha

Microbial cellulose is the scientific term for dried kombucha culture, the “living,” tea-based beverage. A leathery texture, cellulose can be manipulated to create seamless clothing. Not bad for a fizzy and protein-rich drink that’s been around for over 2,000 years. BUT you can’t really wear the clothes out in the rain because the clothes will absorb a lot of water. I can’t decide if I’m incredibly impressed by the potential of my own baby scoby, or freak out at the idea of actually wearing one of these things.


Áo làm từ scoby


Fishin’ for Flavor

If you’ve ever eaten Japanese food, you’ve most likely had katsobushi, a dried fermented fish product that serves as a core taste in many Japanese cuisine. The shaved fish starts with fileted slipjack tuna that has been cooked and coated with fish paste. The fish is then covered with mold and fermented for six months. It is shaved into paper-thin slices and used in a variety of Japanese recipes, including miso soup’s dashi stock.

Katsubushi - cá khô bào Nhật Bản




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