5 years journey of talented girl Nguyen Minh Trang.

After 4 years of studying medicine, Trang decided to give up to search for her own passion.

Facing many difficulties and ups and downs moments, with the spirit of continuous effort and never giving up. The Beauty Club by Tranger and Trangers Beauty Academy – Minh Trang’s first businesses were born with the desire to become the first prestigious choice of customers when it comes to the field of Beauty Care in Vietnam.

In addition to the beauty businesses, Trang is also known for her YouTube channel and podcast SexEdu By Trang / Chan Chuoi Show with special SexTalk – Sex Education series to help and share with Vietnamese women, bringing in themselves a free soul.

We love Trang not because of what she has achieved now, but because of her will and the journey that Trang has gone through.

Get to know our Ambassador

Explain your philosophy on how to live a good life?

Live a life that lets you sleep well every night

Describe your current lifestyle by using 4 words

Peace, Fair, Passionate, Healthy

What’s a major decision that transformed your life for the better?

The moment I understood that I don’t need to be rich, I just need enough to meet my needs.

What’s something you believe that most other people don’t?

We can do anything we want.

Which famous person (dead or alive) reminds you of wisdom?

Richard Branson

What’s the most important habit to keep you healthy?

Drink water and don’t add sugar to things.

Explain something in your life you are most proud of achieving?

Accepting myself for who I am.

What’s something interesting you want to do in the future?

Besides making “SexEdu by Trang” the most popular sex education show in Vietnam, I would love to produce the Interesting People Show which interviews fascinating people around Vietnam and the world.

Why did you agree to be an Ambassador for Lady Buddha Kombucha?

Because I love your products and philosophy.

What’s unique about the Kombucha?

It’s not too sweet or over fermented. The flavours can’t be found elsewhere.

Favourite Lady Buddha Flavor?

GingerBeet Kombucha

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