Beauty start in the GUT

When it comes to skin issues like premature aging, wrinkles, melasma, freckles, and acne, people often just look at the reasons, such as personal hygiene and the direct impact of UVA/UVB rays, and environmental pollution, but few people know that gut health is also a major consideration for skin beauty.

The relationship between the gut and the skin

Think of the relationship between the skin and the gut as two members of a team tasked with removing excess toxins and poisons from the body.

While the gut is home to nearly 80% of our immune system, it also manufactures nutrients, metabolizes hormones and detoxifying enzymes, neutralizes infections, and generates nerve communication. The skin is one of the primary ways for the body to release pollutants and toxins into the outside. Not only that, yet this skin serves as the body’s first line of defense against infections and pathogens. If one organ stops functioning, all the other organs will be affected.

More and more research reveal that when inflammatory bowel disease symptoms appear, they are followed by skin inflammation symptoms. Acne and red pimples are 10 times more likely to cause digestive difficulties than typical skin conditions. And 34% of persons with digestive system issues have it on the skin.

The secret to improving gut health and healthy skin.

“An imbalance of healthy digestive bacteria is harmful to digestion. Inflammation can be caused by slow or poor digestion, which is one of the reasons of acne, according to dermatologist Whitney P. Bowe of Sinai Medical Center in New York (USA).”


Gastrointestinal and skin problems: Does it come from the mouth?

Food determines whether or not you have a healthy digestive system with a balanced gut microbiota, which helps keep your skin vibrant. On the contrary, consuming items that increase the percentage of foods that boost the amount of nasty bacteria in the gut, such as sugar, milk, starch, and alcohol, will cause your facial skin to disclose the negative problems that you have.

Signs of taking too much sugar

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Too much sugar can cause collagen fibers in the skin to lose elasticity and flexibility, as well as increase insulin levels in the body, causing facial skin to sag and lose elasticity.

Signs of consuming too much

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Excessive dairy consumption causes redness, puffiness, enlarged eyelids, dark circles beneath the eyes, and little white spots and lumps on the chin

Signs of drinking too much alcohol

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Excess alcohol consumption – alcoholic beverages dehydrate the skin and increase the amount of wrinkles on the face, particularly in the areas where the brows meet and near the nostril wings.


Signs of consuming too much carbs

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Surely you have heard a lot about the harmful effects of using too much starch in your daily eating habits. So don’t be too surprised to learn that the cause of problems such as facial swelling, inflammation, swelling, age spots, freckles is due to starch.


A healthy gut and a balanced microbiota are typically reflected in healthy, beautiful skin. When the gut is damaged, poisons, undigested food particles, and harmful bacteria may escape into the bloodstream. Toxins will exit the skin in a variety of ways, including eczema, dermatitis, freckles, and, most often, acne. To have a healthy gut and beautiful, bright skin, don’t forget to include additional foods in along with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and cleaner meals. Every day, consume a probiotic-rich beverage such as Lady Kombucha.

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