Known as one of the highlight destinations in Hue, Vietnam. Thirty kilometers from the center of the ancient capital of Hue to the North, among natural forests and lush green gardens, right on a legendary hot mineral source- Alba Wellness Valley is designed to be a peaceful and relaxing retreat totally separated from the busy life, offering a journey of awakening the mind and body.

“One of the top wellness destinations in Vietnam”.

The reason why Alba Wellness Valley is one of the top wellness destinations in Vietnam is because of the balance and stability of the hot mineral source has been shown to be particularly suitable for beauty and wellness treatments, comparable to some of the famous hot mineral sources in Europe.
In addition, besides the hot spring itself, the luxury resort Alba Wellness offer a mix of healthy activities for everyone, such as: yoga, meditation and macrobiotic diet; or craft learning, farming, cycling to explore the local culture, mountain climbing, Highwire, etc. for active young people and young families.

Managed by the famous Fusion corporation- currently the only corporation that can fully operate processes in healthcare and hospitality services in Southeast Asia. Alba Wellness Valley Valley is a wonderful destination for everyone on the journey of awakening the body and soul.

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