Looking for Vegan/ Plant- based restaurant s in Danang? You can absolutely not skip Roots Plant-based cafe in the An Thuong area.

Roots for our future” – The very first Western style vegan restaurant in Da Nang.

Owned by Shota, Roots- based cafe is a happy ending of an insprational story about a young man, who quit his job as IT Manager with a lucrative income to travel around the world. He visited the beautiful beach city in the central part of Vietnam- Da Nang. Quickly falling in love with the place and people there, Shota decided to stay and opened a small vegan restaurant which follows to his passion.

With Roots Plant- based cafe, Shota brings locally farmed products closer to people and brings an amazing healthy place by offering health-conscious meals. The menu features cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, buddha bowls and many dishes to share.

Since the summer 2018, Roots Plant-based cafe has been listed as one of the best vegan restaurant in Da Nang- a clear proof that with dynamic and enthusiasm, Shota succeeds in the way he chose.

Roots Plant-based Cafe – Healthy Vegan Restaurant

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