A little deaf girl who loves drawing

Lady Kombucha would love to thank our valued partners and customers for being with Lady Kombucha Care fund during the last few years. This program is to help and support people who have a difficult life or disability, etc.

After contacting the management team at Central Deaf Service (CDS) in Danang, we met Nghi and Dong who is Nghi’s mother.  Nghi was born deaf and has currently studying at CDS. Dong is a single mom with 3 children and her leg has a problem, so she is struggling with movement. Although finding a suitable job during this time is quite difficult for Dong, she still decided to change her job which is near Nghi’s school in order to take care of Nghi more easily such as picking her up and dropping her off.

Nghi has studied at CDS for nearly 7 years but cannot pay the tuition fee several times. There was one time the teacher found that Nghi has not had enough school stationery and asked Nghi. Nghi embarrassingly signed “My mom does not have enough money to buy me those things”. Even though Nghi is deaf and cannot talk but she is always stay positive with a smile on her face when we met her. Since we know she loves drawing and she seems good at it, we decided to take out the fund to buy her school stationery and drawing tools.

The happiness in Nghi’s eyes and her mother’s smile when receiving the gift made us feel so warm and touched in the meaning of Lady Kombucha Care program. We hope that this little gift will give Nghi a motivation to make her dream come true.

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