Áo Dài for Ánh

This is the 6th time since we started the Lady Kombucha Care program – the program to exchange 1 empty bottle for 2,000 VND and put it into the fund used to support the less fortunate in life. The fate this time known the story of Anh.

Anh lives with her father and grandmother in a small house with a space just enough for 3 people, in fact this is an ancestral house that is loved by relatives to live in, and at the same time for the convenience of ancestral incense. Anh’s father plays the main role in the family, he works as a security guard for a company full-time and delivers part-time. Even though Anh’s grandmother is old, she still tries to work every day by selling duck eggs to contribute to family expenses and trying to give Anh the opportunity to go to school like other children her age.

Ngôi nhà nằm trong con hẻm nhỏ của gia đình Ánh

Anh started 10th grade this year, a new challenge. New school, friends, and atmosphere. “Have you planned the school year?””I don’t know because my father said if he earns more this month, he’ll buy me ao dai and school supplies to start a new school,” Anh said.

Ánh, bà Nội và Nguyên (Fouder Lady Kombucha)

Perhaps everyone of us looked forward to the first day of school with a white ao dai when we were little. So does Anh, but it’s unclear because the daily meal isn’t enough, so how dare she ask her father to buy her a new dress. Lady Kombucha chose to pick up 365 empty bottles from the “Lady Kombucha Care” program to offer Anh two sets of Ao Dai and a set of 10th grade books after speaking with her family.

Chị Nguyên gửi tặng ánh bộ sách giáo khoa và áo dài

We hope that these small gifts will be an inspiration and motivation for Anh to shine on her path of learning and reaching further. At the same time, Lady Kombucha would like to thank our customers for accompanying us in the Lady Kombucha Care program, which not only protects the natural green space but also creates the opportunity to bring small but meaningful gifts  , conveying great spirit and extremely important motivation to children like Anh.


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