“Crazy man” – the silent hero of Hoi An

Driving more than 30kms from Danang city to Phuoc Trach Street, Cua Dai Ward, Hoi An, we finally met uncle Thuong, a skinny man with tanned skin and a gentle smile.

He shared that he was suddenly knocked down by a terrible accident 7 years ago. After that, he were no longer able to hear and his limbs were also paralyzed. Spending half of a year taking a treatment at the hospital, but he did not get better, so the family had to bring him home to take care of him. Not surrendering to fate, he struggled and worked hard to improve his health.

In the first days of practice, he took one step forward, two steps back, every time he walked, he fell and scratched all his limbs. Starting to walk again, he thought he had to do something to repay God’s favor. When he did exercises in the morning, he saw that the roadside was full of plastic bags, so he came up with the idea of ​​​​picking up trash to clean up the environment while doing exercises.

Chú Thương - nhặt rác Hội An

At the beginning of this work, many people negatively talked about what he did, even called him “crazy”. Some people were even angry when they were reminded to picking up littering, they considered him as a “crazy” old man with nothing to do, not worrying about his own safety and still doing these things. His family also did not support him because they were worried about his health. However, with the determination to make life better, Uncle Thuong has gradually convinced his wife and children.

He quietly continued his work every day except sunny or rainy days, wherever there is garbage, he is there. In addition to the days of wandering along the road to pick up trash, Uncle Thuong also went to the houses of the elderly, schools, and abandoned houses to help them clean and repair their houses without taking any remuneration.

The People’s Committee of Cua Dai where he lived offered to support 2 million VND per month, but he also refused. Although his health situation is declining, it takes a lot of money every month to take care of medicine, but for him, being able to contribute a little effort to repay God’s favor, make the place he lives more beautiful is a happy thing that he can do every day.

Everyone is now familiar with the image of Uncle Thuong with a small trolley around the streets and alleys to pick up trash to help the green environment cleaner and inspire the next generations to protect the environment. Neighbors and family also gradually supported and appreciated his meaningful work.

Uncle Thuong’s beautiful work makes Lady Kombucha feel more encouraged on the path of protecting our environment, recycling, and reducing waste for which the team is still striving every day. To express our appreciation to him for his meaningful work, we decided to give him a hearing aid to support him in his daily life. Hope this small gift will make his life easier. Also, we hope what he and Lady Kombucha are doing can make the environment green again and will be more and more actively received and supported by the community.



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