Two little schoolgirls and a dream bike

After more than a year, with nearly 7,000 empty glass bottles collected, the Lady Kombucha Care program has received enthusiastic contributions and support from partners and customers.

Along with actively collecting reusable glass bottles, Lady Kombucha Team also actively seeks out difficult situations to be able to provide timely support. After months of searching, we found the homes of two children, Vo Thi Thanh Tam (grade 7) and Vo Thi Thanh Uyen (grade 6).

Do Thi Hai – Tam and Uyen’s mother picked us up at the alley when Lady Kombucha Team came to visit us. The house of 4 mother and daughter is located in a small alley of Ly Thanh Tong street, in the center of Da Nang city. As a single mother, Ms. Hai struggles with many different jobs to take care of her small family.

The house is narrow, the floor is perforated by rats, the study area of ​​the two little girls is a bed with dim electric light. The difficult study conditions did not reduce the study enthusiasm of the sisters Tam and Uyen, but also motivated them to constantly strive to achieve the title of excellent students for many years in a row.

Understanding the hardships of their mother, outside of school, the two children also enlisted to help their mother with daily chores. The two sisters confided: “When school is over we go to help our mom attend the shop.The road from school to our home, and from our home to mother’s shopis a bit far, so sometimes we don’t even go there. We want to have a bicycle, so our mother will be less worried if we go home when it is windy, and we will also have more time to help her.”

After the conversation between Lady Kombucha Team and Ms. Hai’s family, Lady Kombucha decided to extract 1450 bottles from nearly 7000 bottles to make Tam and Uyen’s wishes come true. A brand new bicycle was given to the two little girls, from now on, the travel time from home to school will not only be less, they will have more time to help their mother, but also help Ms. Hai will be less worried about her 2 young daughters when walking to school in the rain.

Lady Kombucha Team would like to thank our partners and customers for accompanying the Lady Kombucha Care program during the past time. A seemingly small cave, but lit up the fire of faith for many miserable life situations.

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