As the founders of Lady Kombucha, we would like to welcome you to our little community and hope you enjoy our brew.
Cheers to your Health !

Nguyen & Ben

Our Story

For every successful family or individual, there is usually a woman – maybe a mother, grandmother, sister or daughter who takes care of people with selfless joy. She speaks gently, listens carefully, but has a strength of character that is uncompromising. She takes responsibility for ensuring those around are cared for, humbly and meticulously doing the work that is needed.

In our home, the home of Lady Kombucha, we have one superwoman like this – Nguyen.

In 2017 our co-founder Ben moved to Danang from Australia for a change in lifestyle. After 6 challenging years leading a company with over 180 employees, it was time to escape the rat-race. His new home on the beach in Danang was perfect – except for one thing, for the first 4 months, he kept getting sick in the stomach.

Willing to try anything, he found a local Lady selling homemade Kombucha. Nguyen’s family had a long history of food production, fermentation, and conscious eating – for example, her father is still a bee-keeper and her mother-in-law owns a ginger farm. Nguyen’s focus on Kombucha & fermentation intensified when she became pregnant and began making it for her entire family in 2014.

Ben immediately became addicted to Nguyen’s brew, noticing how different it was to commercial Kombucha in Australia. He Vividly remembers how good he started to feel & craving it each morning.

The two became good friends and after a month or so Nguyen suggested they start a company together. At first hesitant, Ben quickly realized it is rare to meet someone as dedicated to their craft as Nguyen.

Lady Kombucha was born.

Our Team

Saigon Manager
Việt - Thiết kế đồ hoạ
Graphic Design
Production Manager
Sales & Events Co-Ordinator
Production Assistant
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