Employee Wellness

Why are most progressive companies around the world investing in Employee Wellness ?

Because it’s good for business !

Join the

Healthy Workplace Revolution

Improve your employee wellness and productivity! We provide free fridges so modern companies can offer Kombucha and encourage healthier work habits for their staff.

The benefits of leaders creating wellness programs are now backed up with overwhelming statistics.

Staff Benefits
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced sickness
  • Enhanced Mood
Company Benefits
  • Staff Retention
  • Team environment
  • Profit


This the easiest way to let our staff know we care about their health – without talking up their time with Yoga etc. You can tell Lady Kombucha is super high Quality.

Steve – CEO

Kombucha is way better for my team than the sugary stuff they used to drink. Its also started a bigger conversation around maximizing our health and performance at work.

Christan Carlderon – CEO

Did you know?

Employees who say their
companies’ health program
improves productivity


Better performance from
employees who eat
healthily each day

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