Å by TUNG – Nordic architecture in the heart of Saigon.

Considered as a miniature Northern Europe in the heart of hustle Saigon, diners coming to Å by TUNG not only immerse in the unique culinary taste but are also enthralled in the delicate and luxurious design space.

From the entrance door, it would be difficult to not recognize the “enthusiasm” of the founder when he wants to bring the full image of Nordic nature into every restaurant design detail.

The whole open-floor kitchen on the first floor is simulated to be in a rough surface ice cave. The staircase winding like white waves brings diners up to the dining room above. The most interesting highlight at Å by TUNG lies in the stalactite lamp and the aurora ceiling, the “specialty” of Northern Europe that surely anyone would want to once see if they set foot in this country.

Å by TUNG believe that diners will be completely convinced when enjoying the taste of the food while watching the sparkling Northern European sky. The stalactite lamp is also the perfect “check-in” place for diners visiting Å by TUNG.

Food story by TUNG

Following the success in conveying the story, inspiration and culinary philosophy of Chef Hoang Tung with customers who love high-end cuisine in Hanoi, Å by TUNG continues to mark the second milestone, with the desire to bring a true and unforgettable high-class culinary experience to diners in Saigon.

With the concept, a delicious dish not only lies in the taste, temperature or layout but also lies in the story and the human factor behind, creating. Therefore, the more enthusiastic the chef is, the more delicious and delicious the dish will become “experienced”.

Å by TUNG’s open kitchen design is not only a place to help diners see with their own eyes how the food is processed but also is considered as an art gallery “living” – by seeing it with their own eyes. The chefs, or the talented artists themselves, are elaborating on their own artworks.

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