Probiotics – is it enough to achieve a healthy digestion system?

Did you know? 80% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract. This means that to improve resistance and boost immunity, you must have a healthy digestive system.


There are many bacteria in our intestines and they are divided into 2 types: bad bacteria and good bacteria (probiotics). In order to have a healthy intestinal tract, we need to balance the intestinal bacteria by limiting the bad bacteria and increasing the growth of good bacteria.
Supplementing probiotics with fermented foods and drinks (such as Kombucha) has always been known as a popular way to balance the intestinal bacteria, and improve the health of the digestive system. However, is probiotics supplement alone enough?


In fact, many consumers only care about probiotics but do not know that, like humans, probiotics need food to function and grow healthy. And prebiotics are the food or the system that nourishes the bacteria.
According to studies, the addition of Probiotics and Prebiotics together will create a perfect Synbiotics system, which increases the survival rate and beneficial effects of probiotics by 90 times compared to the addition of probiotics alone.

Prebiotics are easily found in many fruits and vegetables, especially those containing complex carbohydrates (carbs) such as resistant fiber and starches. These carbs are not digested by the body, so they travel to the large intestine and become a nutritious food for good gut bacteria.

“You are what you eat”, or more precisely, you are what you eat to feed the trillions of microorganisms that inhabit the gut. Therefore, the secret of a healthy microflora is that, in addition to probiotics, do not forget to add prebiotics through a balanced, healthy diet with clean fruits, vegetables and foods.

A fermented tea product containing abundant levels of strong living probiotics produced by natural fermentation. Combined with fruit, cold-pressed natural herbs help preserve the flavor and nutritional value. The product does not use preservatives, colorings or flavorings.

We are proud to be the partner of many organic food stores and vegan restaurants in Saigon, Da Nang and Hoi An. As well as being present in the Smoothie Factory Vietnam. All helping bringing consumers rich probiotics and prebiotics products, which are good for the digestive system and contributes to a enhanced immune system as well as enhancing resistance.


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