If you have been using Lady Buddha Kombucha, you are no no stranger to the instruction “Keep cold <4 degrees Celsius “.
But have you ever wondered, why do kombucha need to stay cold?
Let’s find out why!

1. Kombucha contains many strong living beneficial bacteria produced from natural fermentation process. So even when bottled, at room temperature, the fermentation will be re-activated and produce more bacteria.

The more bacteria, the better?

The answer is no! Lady Buddha Kombucha Kombucha is handcrafted with a perfect fermentation time to maximize healthy levels of healthy bacteria and acids. The fermentation process is reactivated and produces many beneficial bacteria, making it difficult to control the amount of microorganisms in kombucha.

2. In the fermentation process, pure kombucha will create a large amount of CO2 – the process is accelerated faster at room temperature, which is one of the causes of the exploring when the bottle is opened.

3. Similar to other fermented foods, the taste of kombucha will change and become too sour if the fermentation is not strictly controlled.

Therefore, Lady Buddha Kombucha always states that the storage temperature will be 0 to 4 degrees Celsius – this is the perfect temperature for to ensure that our Kombuchas are not only delicious, but also contain the strongest and most powerful army of probiotics.