Always reach out to the sun, just like a little sunflower

In Da Nang, we discovered the next address at 12 Truong Son. The house is tucked away in an alley, and beyond it is a hill with an old cemetery ground. This time we had the opportunity to meet Ha’s family.

Thu Ha has been living with her sister and her mother. Ha’s father unexpectedly passed away as the cause of a large explosion while working when she was just three months old. Since that day, Ha’s mother was half cognizant, partly unconscious, crying and laughing or yelling without recognizing it. Her family is reliant on charity donors; they have supported and provided food and clothing for her family many years; she and her sisters have been able to receive support and helps from the local government, which has always encouraged them to attend school.

Despite her unfortunate life, she makes every effort to study hard. Thu Ha said when she received great marks, she wanted to show them to her mom so she could be proud of her, but she often didnt receive a reaction from her mother. She smiled and joked, “but it’s okay, I accepted” – like the way she accepts unfortunate events in her life with optimism mind set. We can see her strength via her stories and the smile on her lips. Always reach out to the sun, just like a sunflower.

Ha accepts fate and embarks on the hard road of her life; she and her sister must remain strong in the absence of their mother. Perhaps this is why Ha has been a great student for the past seven years. Their neighbors all appreciate and value their strength.

Lady Kombucha extracted 645 empty bottles on behalf of customers who engaged in the recycling program “Lady Kombucha Care” to send her school supplies such as 2 uniforms, 1 school bag, 1 pair of sports shoes, schoolbooks, and other learning materials for the new school year. Ha smiles brightly, a warm smile appears delighted when receiving everyone’s love. Love is always a fulcrum for her to lean on in the midst of her unhappy experiences and continue on her quest to a brighter future.

We would like to thank our customers for accompanying us in the Lady Kombucha Care program, which not only protects the nature but also creates the opportunity to bring small but meaningful gifts, conveying great spirit and extremely important motivation to children like Anh.

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