A single mother with three daughters

The “Lady Kombucha Care” campaign started in 2020 and, thankfully, has received a lot of support from both partners and customers. This is truly something to be proud of, since it allows us to keep carrying our charitable activities such as delivering presents to poor children, supporting the old peoples, or contribute to minimizing the environmental effect.

More than 13,000 empty glass bottles have been returned to us. This time, due to the introduction of Mr. Binh, head of the club “Love Heart” in Da Nang, gave us the opportunity to find Loan’s family.


Ms. Loan is a single mom with three young girls. She turned 40 this year, her husband left while her youngest kid was just a year old. One of her is too elderly to work, and the other has a little kid who have to take care, so she is unable to find a stable job. The home is also owned by the neighbors. Her only joy is having three kids who are smart kids and study hard, wish for the chance to care for their mother in the future. The first daughter is presently in grade 12, and she is usually at the top of her class. She wants to join the pedagogical lecture hall and become a teacher. The second daughter is in eighth grade, is more shy than the oldest, but has a gorgeous smile and intelligence. The youngest kid is just six years old and is less lucky than her two sisters due to the ailment “dwarf syndrome” – or achondroplasia, but when we talk to her, we always see a lot of energy, with a bright smile.

Nguyên hỗ trợ mang quà tặng vào nhà

Because of their difficult circumstances, they lacked study facilities, so we chose to construct a simple  study corner for them.

The lights, tables, and chairs are precisely organized to provide a comfortable study area for Loan’s three daughters. The children were thrilled and pleased to receive significant presents, and they promised to study hard in the future to help their mother.

quà tặng bàn ghế

Thank you for always being a part of the “Lady Kombucha Care” program to protect the environment and help the community. Your interest and support will inspire us with far more motivation to develop and carry out charitable activities in the future.

Gia đình chị Loan và Lady Kombucha team





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